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Special Loteria Label (2008)

A Twist Of The Cork For
A Vintage Game

Nevarez Wine unveiled its special edition Loteria label in 2008 for bottles available only by internet orders and at special events. The label, which is meant to celebrate the Mexican ancestry of Mr. Nevarez and many who work at vineyards throughout North America, is an allusion to the Mexico Lottery game, similar to American bingo games.

Loteria is a Mexican card game, much like Bingo, that features beautiful artwork, rich and vibrant with color. There original game has 54 cards depicting different objects, legends and people. Loteria has its roots in Europe in the 1400’s, where Italians used the game as a charity fundraising tool. Spain carried to Mexico in the 1700’s and was considered a game for the wealthy, but it’s everyday themes quickly made it popular at fairs and a popular cultural tradition was launched.

The special edition "El Vino" (literally, "The Wine") card concept was designed and developed by Latino Consultants and gives a vintage twist to a vintage game!

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