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The Estate Label (2008)

The Keeper of the Vines

In 2008 Nevarez Wine commissioned new labels to coincide with the launch our first Roussanne.

The new label, created by Latino Consultants, features an artistic rendering of Juan Nevarez at his original estate barn, where the Wine Tasting room is being constructed. The drawing is based on a picture by acclaimed photographer Aaron Gil, of Foto Nuova. Aaron photographed all the pictures on the Nevarez Website and recreated the picture for this label from a photo already in the winemaker’s collection. The rendering of the photo was created by Latino Consultants.

"The image captures Mr. Nevarez and the Vineyard perfectly. The wine, like the label, is about feeling inspired and contented as the result of crafted, passionate work."
Dena Marquez, President of Nevarez Vineyard

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