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PASO ROBLES, Calif. (July, 1998) – Nevarez Vineyard in Paso Robles has bottled its first estate wines with several varietals making their debut. Nevarez Vineyard, where owner and winemaker Juan Nevarez resides and has built a 75-acre vineyard by hand, features vines as old as 120 years.

The vineyard is just east of Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County, located on the western edge of the Estrella Bench between San Miguel and Paso Robles. The selections of grapes from his vines have particularly thick-skinned berries that produce deeply pigmented wines with significant tannin. With its shallow soils and warm site, the Nevarez Vineyard is always a first harvest choice for fruit purchasers from other wineries.

"I'm delighted to begin bottling from my vineyard to say the least. It has been a dream of mine since I was a young and planting other estates," said Mr. Nevarez. "People are learning that Paso Robles is a world-class wine region because we already have some outstanding vineyards here, and my vineyard will give us everything we need to make the best possible wine and to contribute to the strong reputation of Paso Robles wines."

Attracted to the ideal grape growing climate and soils in this region east of Paso Robles, Juan Nevarez moved to Paso Robles in the 1970’s. Mr. Nevarez began harvesting his own wine in 1998. He is currently making four varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel and Roussanne.

"I am confident that our wines will be well received,” said Mr. Nevarez, who has twice been named Grower of the Year in the region. “We will start sharing our wine with shops and restaurants that are interested in smaller vineyard productions and then grow with the vines. Sure, it may take a few seasons and harvests to add vintage wines to these table wines, but all great wine comes from patience, care and, most importantly, the best fruit."