History of
Nevarez Vineyard

Nevarez Vineyard is a family-owned business which started as a dream for one man who began working in the vineyards at a very young age. Mr. Nevarez worked his way from a farm laborer, to an organizer for Cesar Chavez fighting for a cause, to eventually owning his own Labor Contracting business.

After working tirelessly for several years, Mr. Nevarez saved enough to purchase 75 acres of land located in Paso Robles. Four years later, Mr. Nevarez had completed his first vineyard, working in four acre sections until he had covered 65 acres with various grapes.

The fruit of Nevarez Vineyard immediately became popular and continues to be purchased by established wineries in the region and in Northern California area. After two "Grower of the Year" awards and many bottles of wine that had been made from his grape for the surrounding wineries, Mr. Nevarez knew it was time to bottle his very own wine.

Now owning two very successful businesses, Mr. Nevarez has become the first Mexican vineyard/wine owner in the county.

Join us along this journey and discover Mr. Nevarez truly has created a quality product filled with history and hard work -- which makes the wines a pleasure to drink and an inspiration to those who work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor.